Sunday, July 31, 2016

Get out of Bishkek and head to the Tian Shan Mountains - 12 Chimneys!

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in the summer can get quite steamy. Hazy, Hot, and Humid are common words associated with the Kyrgyz capital during the warmer months.

The pool scene at Bishkek's Hyatt Regency was getting a bit stale, so we opted for a trip to the famed Tian Shan Mountains.

The Hyatt Bishkek used to employ a security guard who was jack of all trades. If you wanted to arrange any type of excursion, he knew who to call. For a generous tip, he would set the whole thing up, soup to nuts.

Fast forward to the van ride surrounded by sparse Kyrgyz countryside. Potholed dirt roads teetering along the edge of impossibly tall mountains made a few of us reminiscent of lazy days at the Hyatt Bishkek pool.

The further from Bishkek we got, the more nomadic the lifestyle became. Traditional yurts replaced houses and animals roamed freely, irrespective of fences.

Finally, we arrived at our destination - The 12 Chimney's Restaurant. Maybe it was the 7 Chimney's or the 5 Chimney's, it doesn't really matter.

We drank local Kyrgyz beer and even covered ourselves in wool blankets, as the temperature had dropped precipitously - all while surrounded by a fine collection of taxidermy.

High in the Kyrgyz Tian Shan Mountains, the air was crisp while the quick running stream looked clear enough to drink.

This part of Kyrgyzstan has remained much the same throughout history. The Kyrgyz people have always been great stewards of their land - pay them a visit if you please.

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