Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why I Love

Hey guys, happy 2016!

The year is new and I have a few resolutions. One of my resolution relates to my YouTube channel and this blog. Okay, I know it's blogger, and is pretty much laughed at by pro bloggers.

Let me tell you something. I love blogger. It's free real estate, easy to use, and already integrated with Google's other products. So....without further adieu, I present to you one of my New Year's resolutions - USE BLOGGER MORE!

Before you start laughing, hear me out. I have a Facebook profile set up that's linked with my Jonathan Browne Menzies YouTube channel. I use Facebook to post new videos and other news about my channel. While Facebook is a free platform, there's no direct way to monetize the content posted to the website.

Basically, when you post content on Facebook, you're helping to add a little cash to Mark Zuckerberg's bank account. You're providing Facebook with free content for them to monetize, not you.

Not that I plan on deleting my Facebook account anytime soon, because it's useful for sure. But I work hard on my creative endeavors. From writing, to making videos and designing artwork, I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Although my blogger page may not get the traffic I want, it does allow me to monetize my posts. To be sure, Google AdSense takes a cut, which is fine. But by sharing revenue with me, AdSense provides a strong incentive to keep my most important content right here, on

So there you have it. Expect more random posts on this dusty old Blogger page.

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