Monday, July 14, 2014

New York Second Most "Hipster" State in America: Hipster Phenomenon Spreading Across The Five Boroughs With Epicenter In Williamsburg

While New York's Williamsburg neighborhood is universally regarded as the hipster capital of the world, New York placed second in a recent hipster statewide ranking. Minnesota edged out New York to take first place as "The Most Hipster State in the US," as identified by

While acknowledges Williamsburg to be "home of the hipster," the website gives Minnesota the top spot because the of sheer number of "hipster" web searches originating from the state. The website points out that Minnesota has a third of New York's population, but the "regional interest" is more concentrated.

In other words, Minnesota has a higher per capita hipster ratio than New York. identified popular hipster related search terms such as "hipster look," "hipster girl," and "urban hipster." The rankings fly in the face of the generally accepted idea that hipsters are a phenomenon typically found in the Northeast.

Hipsters are generally described as 20-something nonconformists. Best known for wearing skinny jeans, they also wear old sweaters, retro jackets and jewelry they probably found at a thrift store.

Hipsters congregate in neighborhoods with thriving arts scenes and progressive political thinking. Most large cities in the Northeast have a designated hipster neighborhood, although the lifestyle has spread to liberal enclaves throughout the country.

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  1. One thing that gets left out of the conversation: Most of these so called "hipsters" are trust fund babies who don't actually work for a living.

  2. Does Harlem count as a hipster neighborhood? What about Corona, Queens or the South Bronx? SoBro. Sometimes these neighborhoods are cheap for a reason. Some hipsters think it's cool to live in an unsafe neighborhood.