Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Most Popular YouTube Video - A Fashion Model In Times Square!

After YouTube expanded its monetization program to everyone, I made a conscious effort to try and create some good content to post.  I had no experience with posting videos on YouTube, but I figured that my travels would give me a bit of organic material.

I've had some success with posting videos of airplane takeoffs and landings, especially in the more exotic locations.  But my most successful video happened completely by accident.  I had just gotten off of the subway in Times Square and was walking uptown, when a light drizzle began to fall from the sky. 

I don't mind the rain, so I didn't really think anything of it.  I was preoccupied listening to my iPod anyway.  All of a sudden, a shockingly tall woman in a bikini ran past me.  Of course, this caught my attention, it's not everyday that you see a woman over six feet tall scampering by in a bikini.  Strangely, she was running with a guy who was wearing a tuxedo and sunglasses. 

As it turns out, there was a professional photo shoot underway behind me, and the model was running to avoid the raindrops.  As she ran by, I could tell that her hair and makeup were flawless, and she probably sat for a long while to get it that way.  If her makeup got wet, it would probably mess up the entire photo shoot.

With the YouTube monetization program fresh in my mind, I whipped out my digital camera and began to record.  By this time, the model was in front of me and headed for the shelter of scaffolding on a nearby building.

Once she reached the dry sanctuary of the scaffolding, the model was exposed to the hoards of tourists in Times Square.  Many were undoubtedly from out of town and absolutely thrilled to see a real model in the flesh.  Everyone began snapping photos of the model and her sidekick as they stood there uncomfortably, trapped because of the rain.

That night, I posted the video on YouTube and went to bed.  I was shocked the next day to find that it already had 84 views!  The views have leveled off since then, but it's still my most popular video and "viral" compared to the rest of my videos.

It's really reinforced my view that some of the most successful videos on YouTube are completely random and unplanned.  Believe me, when I'm walking the streets of NYC, my eyes are always peeled for the next big YouTube hit!  Enjoy the video!

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