Thursday, June 28, 2012

Live Like A King For Under $1000/Month

"Where can I live like a King for under $1000 per month?"  The question is much more common than I would have thought - that was before I began my journey as a professional jetsetter.  Now I get it all the time!  Last week, I was sitting on a flight to Frankfurt going through photos of my latest journey to Kyrgyzstan.  Next thing I know, the guy sitting next to me started to ask me about the cost of living there.  That was the first thing he asked me about my trip!

I told him the great cafes and resturants were very affordable.  Entertainment and performances were frequent and top notch, with ticket price that were frugal friendly.  However, I really had no idea of the overall cost of living.  Each time I visited, I stayed at the Hyatt Hotel, which is Bishkek's only hotel that is considered "safe" by western standards.  In other words, all cars and trucks entering the premisis are checked for bombs and round the clock security is thorough and noticable.

When the guy asked me if he could live in Bishkek on $1000 per month, I was pretty sure the answer was yes, but I had no idea of the rent situation for an apartment.  Then I came across a great YouTube video explaining just that!  It was an episode of House Hunters International, and it featured a young couple who wanted to move to Bishkek to live and work.

They end up looking at three apartments, the most expensive of which is $500 per month and absolutely beautiful.  It's clear that even a small budget will go a long way in Bishkek.  $500 is out of their price range, so they end up looking at two smaller apartments and go with the cheapest at $150 per month.  $150 per month, what a deal!  The place is actually pretty posh.

After watching this episode, I was a bit shocked!  One night's room rate at the Hyatt is enough for a month's rent at amazing apartment in Bishkek!  So it's confirmed, Kyrgyzstan is a place you can live well on $1000 per month.

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